Featured Pose: Modification for sleeping on the back

During pregnancy, women are encouraged to avoid lying on the back for long periods of time due to the compression of the Vena Cava located in the back.  With this pose, we modify lying on the back by elevating one hip so that the weight doesn't rest on the back, allowing mom to enjoy some time modified on her back rather than always on her side.



How to do the pose:
1. Place a folded blanket or pillow under one buttock, the hip, and partway up the back towards the shoulder
2. Place one or two blankets or pillows under the knee of the leg of the same side
3. A pillow may be placed under the head
 The woman is lying on her back; however, the elevation of the hip and leg of one side help to tilt the body at enough of an angle to keep from compression the Vena Cava. 

•    Great for those who like to sleep on their back or have begun to experience hip pain from sleeping on the side