Featured Pose: Pigeon

Pigeon pose is a great pose to do during pregnancy for several reasons. In this pose we stretch into hips, thighs, and offer relief to the lower back.  As baby begins to grow and more pressure is felt on the spine, your sciatic nerve that runs down your leg and into your foot, begins to become compressed.  If you've ever felt a "pins and needles" sensation in your leg, this could be from the compression of that sciatic nerve.

Be sure to warm up the body FIRST before trying this pose!

How to do the pose*:
1. Start with a folded blanket on the floor/mat
2. Bring knees onto mat in a kneeling position
3. Come to tabletop
4. Bring the Right Knee forward toward right wrist, bringing leg to rest on mat
5. Move hips back onto blanket so that hips are centered on blanket
6. Left leg extends directly behind hip with knee and ankle in a straight line and top of left foot pressing down into mat
7. Bring hands in front of Right leg, find length in spine, and begin to fold forward towards mat/floor, rest forehead on floor or hands


*Before doing any exercise during pregnancy, be sure to get the permission of your doctor or midwife first.