Featured Pose: Modification for sleeping on the back

During pregnancy, women are encouraged to avoid lying on the back for long periods of time due to the compression of the Vena Cava located in the back.  With this pose, we modify lying on the back by elevating one hip so that the weight doesn't rest on the back, allowing mom to enjoy some time modified on her back rather than always on her side.



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Featured Pose: Pigeon

Pigeon pose is a great pose to do during pregnancy for several reasons. In this pose we stretch into hips, thighs, and offer relief to the lower back.  As baby begins to grow and more pressure is felt on the spine, your sciatic nerve that runs down your leg and into your foot, begins to become compressed.  If you've ever felt a "pins and needles" sensation in your leg, this could be from the compression of that sciatic nerve.

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